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Cigar box Guitar $200




What Is a Cigar Box Guitar?


The cigar box guitar (CBG) was commonly used by poor musicians in the south at the turn of the century. Where money was tight and “store bought” items out of the question, people needed to create their own instruments. The earliest CBG’s were made from a broom stick and a cigar box. The wire that bound the broom was the best quality wire on the farm and became the string. From these humble beginnings better and better guitars were built. Because these weren’t fancy store bought items, the musicians felt comfortable painting them with various motifs, some religious, some mythical, and others whimsical. Many early blues recordings were made with cigar box guitars.

 My guitars are simply built with a hardwood stock of poplar or oak, a wood cigar box, simple tuners.  The Nut and Bridge are made of bolts and the sound holes are covered with grommets or drain covers. They have 3 standard guitar strings, tuned to GDG, DAD or AEA. This gives you a standard cord, which you can play hundreds of blues tunes. With three strings you can also change the tuning quickly. My guitars are Fretted and fretless. The fretless should be played with a slide. The neck of a bottle, spoon or a ¾ inch socket works fine. I provide a glass wine bottle neck slide with fretless CBG’s.

I try to retain the beauty of the original cigar boxes, so I usually only paint on the back and neck of the guitar. Many of the CBG’s have a trout motif, with a trout skin neck and vintage trout cigar box motif. Some are blues motif. I also use turn of the century cigar box art to cover the modern boxes.

I also have a piezio electric pick-up built in to the inside of the guitar so you can plug it in to an amp or even a cell phone speaker for that crunchy electric blues sound


Cigar box Guitar $200 and $25 shipping