The Lawn Trout Story

I was a high school science teacher and am President of my local Trout Unlimited chapter. I had been teaching Fly Fishing and Fly Casting to adults and kids for a long time.

A big part of becoming a good Fly Fisherman is to practice , practice, practice your casting.

The usual way to teach fly fishing is to cast to hula hoops. This is OK for a while but it does get boring.

While I was learning, for fun, I would cast in the yard, and my cat would chase my yarn fly. When the cat would pounce on the fly , I would get a little thrill. Once the cat got bored the game would end.

Because of a funny incident with me, a Toyota and velcro (read the story) I was very familiar with velcro’s unique abilities.

Problem solved!

 Now you can catch trout on your lawn !