The Velcro Story

Winter in Michigan is really cold and windy.

I was a science teacher and always like the most high tech gear. In 1985 I bought a new high tech Gortex winter coat. The coat had all the bells and whistles with special wind reducing flaps and great big heavy duty Velcro collars around the wrists.

The story starts with me being a little late for school, so I’m rushing. I drive to school with my stick shift car and it took a lot of concentration to manage the hills in town on slippery winter roads.

About half way to school on an uphill with one foot on the brake and the other on the clutch, I heard a bottle of coke banging around the floor of  the back seat. So while I’m stopped I reach down behind me to to feel around for the bottle.

At this point I realized what I had done.  My new jacket with the super Velcro wrists had fastened to the carpeting on the floor which put me in a car arm lock.