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Proceeds go to fund fishing classes!

School Kits include five 14” Lawn Trout made out  of a special polyester material that will attach to the Lawn Trout fly. You also receive ten long lasting Lawn Trout flies.

These come in a  a cool bag for storage.



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Lawn Trout are hand made in Ann Arbor Michigan by me. The proceeds will go to fund more  youth fishing classes through our TU chapter.


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School Kits

Lawn Trout has been used at the Michigan trout Unlimited Fly fishing school and at the Kalamazoo Chapter Youth Fishing School.

Both schools said the lawn trout were big hits. They can be used to encourage casting practice by making the repetitive act of casting fun.



From “fishermanjohn”

I have seen Lawn Trout in action with a group of 20 youth, ages 12 to 16. Everyone had a blast. This is a great concept.

Any number of organized games can be designed using these pieces.Our version assigned different point values to each of the five lawn trout.

Two player teams cast to the five trout in the center with the four players at corners, equal distance from the lawn trout. Each team cast for three minutes. Each trout caught gave its point value to the team. Worked GREAT!"

Teaching with games is FUN!

Imagine five lawn trout in the center of a field with 3 or 4 anglers casting to the same fish and even stealing from each other. Skill and accuracy are tested under stress conditions. It takes the solitary sport to a new level of competition and fun.

How about “fly golf” . Put a lawn trout in the center of a hula hoop. now set up a course with five of these. who can catch the trout with the least number of casts.

Lawn Trout Classes in Action